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Letting go, the art of transition

Everything in nature transitions from one state to another.  The seasons changes, the leaves change color, fall to the ground and ultimately turn into next year’s fertilizer.  So too do we humans transition through emotional states, grow and develop, fall apart and grow anew.  Sometimes this cycle b…

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I have a facade, an ego shell, something I protect very dearly.  I fear showing too much of myself.  I have learned that by demonstrating raw emotion, I am frequently rejected, feared, rebuked or chastised.  It started early on “you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

I see it in my clients, t…

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Anger...righteous anger...venerability in sharing

Aaaaahhhhh!  I have felt rage, uncontrollable lashing out.  

I have counseled others that it is easier to project anger than to feel fear and anxiety.  Yet sometimes I get embarrassingly angry about something.  It is an irrational fire that burns in my soul and tends to overwhelm my sense of grou…

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Fear and inadequacy

Today I feel inadequate, as though I have courageously stood up to the world yesterday and now I feel I must retreat from myself.  Marianne Williamson said that it is our light that we fear most, not our darkness.  She further said that by shining our own light, we give permission for others to do t…

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Today is the day that I let go...and enter the flow

remember when I was in medical school, shadowing a psychiatrist in Connecticut.  He told me "whatever you do, don't get into 15 min med checks all day." 

I also remember a prominent old-school, tweed wearing, pipe smoking child psychiatrist at the Mayo clinic who lectured us on the importance of …

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