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Fear and inadequacy

Today I feel inadequate, as though I have courageously stood up to the world yesterday and now I feel I must retreat from myself.  Marianne Williamson said that it is our light that we fear most, not our darkness.  She further said that by shining our own light, we give permission for others to do the same.  

I often find that I am stuck in a life situation for which there seems to be no possible movement or change given the circumstances that I am placed within.  I see the same in my clients, we become stuck at an impasse, unable to see that we are stuck and waiting for change.  Simply accepting that our current state is reality, though on a deeper level feeling unsatisfied with our place or station.

The world sometimes seems as one large game of Tetris and we are all locked into place, some of us securely, others waiting to delete some of the empty space around us to get into a more comfortable position, always hoping the next shape will present that opportunity for movement.  

‘How do we manifest that which our heart desires?  How do we move beyond our own patterns to re-enter the flow?  

These are the questions to be asking to ensure that we are moving down the right path.  These are the truths that will remind us that we have simply been waiting, and that we desire a different space or condition in life. 

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