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Anger...righteous anger...venerability in sharing

Aaaaahhhhh!  I have felt rage, uncontrollable lashing out.  

I have counseled others that it is easier to project anger than to feel fear and anxiety.  Yet sometimes I get embarrassingly angry about something.  It is an irrational fire that burns in my soul and tends to overwhelm my sense of grounding.  I can start with a reasonable conflict and link it to every smoldering issue within my soul until I have whipped up a firestorm of discontent too strong to be quelled by anything but blind lashing out.  

In these moments, I must retreat into myself and stop sharing the blaze with those around me.  It leads me to question if I am dysfunctional for experiencing said emotion.  

I remember as a child they used to joke about how I would get so angry.  I had a temper and my face would get red.  I would react very strongly.  I see this a lot in other people as well.  Although I have learned to put on an appropriate social mask for my anger, I do wonder if I could do better in dealing with it.

I believe that many of us were not taught to be emotionally literate at an early age and are now playing catch up to figure out how to process our emotions in a manner that does not lead us into interpersonal conflict or unhealthy habits.  It is a lifelong journey to unpack that which we learned early and on and question whether or not it serves us moving forward.  

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